Tuesday, 15 April 2008


For months now I've been pondering what to do about our couch. Our big comfy couch. We're stuck with it, and really it's been a great deal since we got it basically for free (sold our other couch for the same price we paid for this one), and it's in pretty good shape. The problem is that it is all wrong for both our living room and my taste. It's way too big, and I don't like the multiple cushions or the very wintery, cozy fabric. Today, I finally figured out what I can do with it: Change the accent cushions! Here it is with the regular cushions: And here it is with different cushions: I love the difference. These won't be the ones that stay there since they don't coordinate with anything else in the room (except maybe the brown one). They belong in the basement, but they make the couch look so much better. Now, to find or make some cushions in red, green, gold, or brown.

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