Monday, 28 April 2008


It's 9 AM, and I am already having a BAD day! I am trying to switch my cell number to a new phone (it's actually KD's old phone). So, I did the switch online, and was told to call a particular number...I called it, and that number told me to call the phone company. I called the phone company, and they refused to talk to me! Now, I know that my name is not on the account, but since I work for the land-line side of the phone company I've usually been able to get done what I need. Not so with mobility! There are certain call centres that shall not be named that I hate talking to. They always make mistakes and don't understand what I want half the time. I am really frustrated right now, and I'm afraid that I was quite rude to the agent...and I started crying while on the phone. Sigh... Ok, enough complaining! The day is not all bad. The snow is almost all gone already! My tulips are still there and haven't flowered yet. Some of the leaves are a little wrinkled from the weight of the snow, but that isn't important ;-) On Saturday I went to Home Depot and bought some dirt. I won't need it for another 3 weeks or so, but it was on sale for 99 cents per bag, which is a great deal. Some people were pushing out carts with ten or fifteen bags when we arrived, but there was enough for me. I want to raise up one of my flower beds. The previous owner dug out all the dirt to raise another bed, and it just looks silly to have a crater in the garden. These pictures are all from last year's garden. I cant' wait for this year's!


  1. Wow you have bloomers!!!!

    It's ok. I cry when I get frustrated too. Mine is when I am dealing with computers. It's always someone who talks soft, fast and NON-English. =)

    I now make my husband do it (altho he is clueless to computers - he talks to them and relays it to me and I do the pushing of the buttons. LOL

  2. Oh sweetie! I know how you feel. I get so frustrated I cry too and I HATE crying in front of people even if it's on the phone. I hope it works out for you.

    rue :)


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