Monday, 21 April 2008

Gentleness, part 2

Ok, my last post ended up going in a different direction than I intended, so here's what I was planning to say: For the last year or so I have been trying to remember to be a gentle person. I have a tendency to be sarcastic and pessimistic and I have an "attitude" (pointed out by KD on Saturday when I was grouchy). I need to stop getting upset about things that don't matter. I need to watch my that I don't sound like I'm nagging or accusing. It's hard to remember, especially right now when it feels like I've left God behind...I've just stopped remembering to spend time with Him. I have a sweet friend who embodies the gentle nature that I want. She is just such a beautiful person. She lives in the US (and is soon moving off the continent), so I don't see her often, but we talked on the phone last week. She asked me how my spiritual life is. She's the only person I know who would ask me that question, and I'm glad she did. She reminded me to think about my relationship with God more than just on Sundays (when I'm usually focussed on keeping the baby happy in church anyway). I've also been thinking about how I am to introduce baby JK to God. Most of my spiritual thoughts are just in my head, but my friend suggested that I talk to JK about them. And why not? I talk to her all the time. I am just terrified that my kids will not want anything to do with God when they grow up. I was raised in a Christian home, and of my 3 siblings and I, I'm the only one to attend church...that's not a very good percentage! But thanks to my friend for giving me some way to actively introduce Jesus to my sweet baby. Maybe by the time she's old enough to understand I'll have some more things figured out.

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  1. Hey Jo! I saw your question in my comments on my latest post and would like your permission to use it and link to you in an upcoming post. You are not the first person to ask about holes.

    I couldn't find an email for you. You can email me from my profile page!

    Thanks dear!


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