Monday, 21 April 2008


My intention for this blog is that it reflect all aspects of my life, not just decorating, so here's a non-decorating post. On Saturday, I was in a really bad mood. I just woke up cranky. There are little things that could be said to have "caused" my moodiness, but I think it was just a cranky day for me. Totally bad timing though. KD works during the week, and is often busy in the evenings, so weekends are the main family time we have right now. And here I was being cranky. Of course I know in my head that I'm being ridiculous, but I didn't want to be a grown up and make myself cheer up. KD is so sweet. When I'm in that kind of a mood, he tries to cheer me up by being silly...trying to force me to laugh. Unfortunately, sometimes that backfires and I get even crankier. Poor guy. So eventually he went to his brother's house and I managed to be cheerful when he got back. We had a good evening. I just hate when I have days like that. I feel like crying for no reason. I think it happens when I have been alone too much...I need to get out more! Unfortunately we just got a huge dump of snow so going out is no fun...and I have to study this week for my final exam in my English course on Thursday.

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