Saturday, 26 April 2008

I am a Chicken!

I just called my uncle's house to see about getting my grandma's china cabinet here from his place. For no rational reason whatsoever, I was so nervous that I could feel my heard pounding in my ears! I have a complex about talking to people. If I can send an email instead of call on the phone, I will. It drives KD crazy.
The picture above is of two of my collection of old books. I just love the look and smell of old books and papers.


  1. I remember mom would force us to make our own calls...Well, she did that to me anyway! I remember being so scared to phone the pool to find out when public swim was, but mom made me call myself or I wasn't allowed to go. So I called, and we went swimming.

  2. So? Did your uncle give you the china cabinet??

    I've started having my kids make their own phone calls- like to rsvp to a party, etc. I used to be a nervous caller too. I'm hoping to keep that from happening to my kids by having them do it early on!

  3. Oh yes...I forgot to mention that I had to leave a message for my uncle. I suspect that the only number I could find was his business line (he's a mechanic). I'll have to ask my mom if she has another number for him.


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