Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Unfinished Projects

Yay, the sun is shining today! Happy 27th birthday to KD! We bought him a new cell phone for his birthday, but I also wanted to get him something small and fun. I found a skim board at JYSK...he's always wanted to learn how to surf, and lately he's been joking about hanging a surfboard on the wall, so he can sort of do both with this. And he is a fan of the Chicago Blackhawks, so this is what JK gave him: Here is a list of all the projects that I have started but have not yet finished.
  • ribbon board for the kitchen: fabric and batting are glued in place, and it's hung, but I don't have the right size of ribbon yet
  • cushions for patio furniture: cut out and waiting to be sewn together...which I can't do until I get some cord to make piping.
  • painting my mom's old child-sized chair: primed, but I don't know what colour I'm going to paint it.
  • chalkboard in a picture frame: this one will be finished today, I hope. I need to do one or two more coats of chalkboard paint.
  • piano bench: assembled and primed. I need to buy some foam in order to do the upholsery, and it needs to be painted. Custom-cut foam is expensive! I think I'm going to add some casters to the bottom to add some height.


  1. My life is full of ever evolving projects. I try not to call them unfinished, cuz they'll get finished when I find just the right "whatever" it is I need.

    Like my bathroom for instance. Who knew finding the perfect shower curtain would be so hard. *sigh*

    Plus if all your projects were done, what would you have to stew, complicate, think about and be mad at (on occasion)??? LOL

  2. "Evolving" is a great word. I guess these are actually just the projects that I have started this week while procrastinating my studies and being stuck in the house because of the snow. I have plenty more evolving projects that have been unfinished for a while ;-)


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