Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Where are the April Showers?

I guess around here, the rhyme should go "...May showers bring June flowers..." This is what I had in my email inbox this morning: "SNOWFALL WARNING ISSUED For City BY ENVIRONMENT CANADA BULLETIN ISSUED AT: 7:24 AM MDT TUESDAY 22 APRIL 2008 A FURTHER 5 TO 10 CM OF SNOW ARE FORECAST TODAY." It has been snowing continuously for 4 days straight already! Last Sunday JK and I went for a walk with no coats. This Sunday, we pulled out the winter coats and tall boots again. Grrr!!! Somewhere underneath all this, I have tulips that are about to bloom. They were 6 inches tall on Friday before the snow started. I just have to remember that the moisture is good. This is my car: It was clear of snow when KD got home from ball hockey yesterday around 9pm. I have so many half-finished or not-yet-started projects that are just waiting for me to go get one more supply, but who wants to go out in this weather?

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  1. Snow??!! In April?!? I am sorry for you. :) I hate to tell you but it is 79 here today and our tulips have already bloomed and gone. However, we did have a late frost where I lost all my new spring flowers. I too am saddened by Oprah's misunderstanding of the word "jealous". My heart just breaks for her.


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