Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Sweet Giveaway, Sweet Baby, and Sweet Flowers

Yesterday, Rue posted about a giveaway on Bj's blog Sweet Nothings. I clicked over and found out the adorable item she is giving away (go check it out if you haven't already), and then I clicked on Bj's header to look at her other posts. She had this one about her puppies taking a bath, and she also had some Splish, Splash song playing (I don't remember who it was). Well, as soon as that song started playing, JK looked up from her play, grinned, and started dancing! It was adorable. She kept moving in time to the music until the end of the song. Today, JK and I are going out of town to a bridal shower planning meeting. I really hope my aunt calls me as soon as possible today. I might try calling her before we leave the house, though I did leave my cell number too (which finally got programmed onto my new phone yesterday). I just don't know how well messages get passed on at their house, since they didn't call me back when I left a message on Saturday ;-) Then tonight, KD, JK, and I are going out for dinner with some friends, in honour of KD's birthday last week. It should be fun! These are the tulips I bought yesterday while grocery shopping: They are just what I needed to cheer up. The stems were too short to use any of my vases, so they're in a glass on our hall table (that is soon to be replaced with a china cabinet, I hope!


  1. Thank you so much for coming to see me...Good luck on the drawing..I don't mind shipping to Canada one bit....Oh, and thanks so much for mentioning it on your sweet blog. So glad your baby loved the music...I like it, too...Bobby Darin...
    Hugs, bj

  2. Oh Jo! Thank you so much for mentioning me on your blog :) Don't you just love that cute bird hook?! Too cute :)

    The tulips look lovely. I think everyone should cheer themselves up with flowers once in a while.

    Have a beautiful day and good luck getting that cabinet :)



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