Monday, 12 May 2008

First Mothers' Day

I hope everyone had an absolutely terrific Mothers' Day. KD's mom arrived Friday evening, and we've been doing a lot of visiting and eating. KD's brothers and their women (one is a wife, one is a fiancee) are coming over for dinner tonight. And I am going to a spring fashion show with my friends. I bought my ticket before I knew that KD's mom was staying 'til tomorrow morning. Here is what JK gave me for my first mothers' day:KD took the pictures on Thursday night (he said "Come on, get the baby ready. We're going outside to take pictures"), and came home with them printed and framed on Friday. He didn't want to wait until mother's day to give it to me. He's so sweet. I've been working on bridal shower invitations this weekend too. I've been trying to combine elegance with fun for a tropical-themed personal shower. And then coming up with wording for the other shower has been difficult. I hope to have both done and mailed this week. And I just called my boss to tell him that I'm not going back to work. I'm considering working part time once my maternity leave is done, and my previous job wouldn't have been able to give me the stability or flexibility that I need. I do have child-care lined up though, at least until December.


  1. Pass the tissues, please. Those pictures and that frame and your sweet's too much!!!

  2. Oh, your first Mother's Day! How exciting! What a sweet gift your hubby gave you! It's really beautiful and I bet you will always treasure it.

    I completely understand about not wanting to go back to work. When my second daughter was born, my oldest was already 8 and I was working full time. When my maternity leave was over I just couldn't bare the thought of going back full time. Then when my youngest was born I cut back even more. I've been blessed to have a very understanding boss. I bet if you look you'll be able to find a situation that works for you. I think employers are becoming more understanding about things like that.

    Love that sleeping baby picture!

  3. Those pictures are darling! Glad you had a great first mother's day!

  4. Happy first mother's day!! From the looks of it, you had a good one. Great gift from your husband!!

    I love how you wrapped that gift in a previous post... very pretty!


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