Thursday, 22 May 2008

Found Treasures

I went to Value Village today to see what I could find. I found two lengths of white fabric that I'm just dying to upholster something with. I also found about 4 metres of another cream and yellow fabric. I got some red and white gingham ribbon, some blue curling ribbon, and some blue tulle. I found a 1951 copy of The Swiss Family Robinson. This is the third copy I own (though I misplaced the first copy), and the oldest. It has sweet illustrations inside. My favourite two things that I found are a lace table runner, and a rosewood tray. I love the tray how it is, except that it has a cigarette burn in one corner. I don't know yet if I'm going to paint it . Sorry for the poor quality picture. I was having trouble with the lighting. When JK and I returned from shopping, I had a sweet message from my now-3-year-old niece thanking me for the gift I sent her. I could hear my sister prompting her in the background with what to say. So, now I can solve the mystery and show you what I made for her: It is a wooden letter M that I painted in black, purple, and white. Her bedroom is black and purple.


  1. I love the letter M and the colors for her room sound so unconventional and fun.

    I collect vintage children's books and I love the way the really old pages smell and feel. Sometimes the surprise of an inscription can be so exciting.

  2. I LOVE that M!!! What an awesome idea.

    Oh and those nasty nasty cable guys...sheesh!

  3. You've made me crave the thrift store today. Some good Friday mornin' treasure hunting. I love it!!

    That M is adorable!! You should paint a bunch of letters and put them on Etsy. You may already have. I should go check.

  4. You did a beautiful job painting that letter! I love the detail on it :)

    Great finds too!

    Have a beautiful day,

  5. Metres. I love it when you talk all Frenchy! :o)

    VERY PRETTY M! I never met an M I didn't like and yours is no exception!

  6. That M is so darling! I love the little bird! We don't have a Value Village around here, but you found some great stuff. I love old books like that!

  7. Thanks for stopping by to visit me! Love the M, you did a beautiful job. I saw that your in Canada. Today I went to a breakfast at my sons school and both the ladies that I sat with were from Canada. One is from the French side and the other from the English side. Montreal and I'm not sure where the other Mom was from. Funny coincidence. My son is best friends with one of their boys and will be spending some time with them this Summer at their summer house in Canada. Anyway, Talk soon, Kelly

  8. Thanks for all the comments about my M! I've thought of selling the stuff I make, but I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.

    Carrie, the smell of old books is one of the big reasons I love them so much!


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