Wednesday, 14 May 2008


It's been really warm here for the last day or so. Like 20 degrees celcius! I'm not used to it (Yeah, I know it's nothing compared to what some people get. But it's nice.) The birds are chirping out my window, and the baby is chattering. I think I have a daffodil that is going to bloom today. And we sorted out that fraudulent charge on my credit card. So it's a good day. I'm taking my mom out for coffee for mothers day this afternoon. I think my basil is dying. Why is it so limp and lanky? Am I watering it too much? The pot doesn't have a drainage hole, but I did put some broken pottery pieces in the bottom to help with drainage. Don't mind the weird shape of this picture. I had to prop my camera against a shelf to get a non-blurry one, which gave it a weird angle...I tried to fix it but it just made the picture a strange shape. Anyway, two of my fellow-bridesmaids (that sounds like an oxymoron) came over last night to help me assemble these shower invitations. It took me forever to get a design I like. I particularly like the neutral front of the card with the shocking pink surprise inside. The envelopes will be pink too. I used grasscloth from a wallpaper sample book. I figured since my craft corner is pretty much as clean as it ever gets, I'd take a picture to show you. I like my little area. I will have to drastically reduce it if we have another baby while living here, because we would need to move the computer to the basement too. Great wall colours, eh? Yellow and teal. They will be painted, maybe this summer.


  1. 20*C? What's that in America? lol Translation, please!

    I had a giggle when I read you wanted to paint your workspace walls. My first reaction was COOL COLOR!

    It's like 80*F here. I'm MELTING.

  2. I think it's about 70 degrees Farenheit. The rule of thumb that I've heard is "double it and add 30". And I know that 28=82.

    The colours in my basement are nice, and each would be ok alone, but the combination of that particular yellow with teal is just odd ;-)...especially with the textured wall on the upper half.
    It's going to be painted cream on top and brown (like in JK's room) on the bottom.

  3. LOL @ Marie I was just going to ask the same thing.

    Oh - 70 degrees - yes WARM! We were supposed to get to 65 degrees today but I doubt we made it.

    I love the invitations, they are fun!

    What a fun workspace you have.

  4. Hi Jo :)

    Girls, don't y'all have a thermometer?? LOL It's 68 degrees there :)

    I love the invites! Very cute :)

    I wish I had a craft room. Right now we have an office, but it's very manish. Do you think my honey would mind if I painted it pink?? ;)

    off to read more..



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