Monday, 5 May 2008

I found it!

I finally found the before picture of my piano bench! So this is what it looked like right before I sprayed primer all over it. Ignore the junk in the background. We're spring-cleaning the basement this week. The reason I went to all the trouble to convert this bench into a piano bench, complete with upholstery, is because our couch is the only seating we currently have in the living room. So I wanted a really long comfortable bench that people can pull out to sit on too. I think it works! I just should have only gotten a 4 inch thick piece of foam instead of 5 inches. I was worried about the bench being too low. Oh well. I like it anyway. Now that I have the bench and the extra loveseat is gone, I have to figure out how to arrange the furniture. What fun! I love rearranging!

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