Saturday, 24 May 2008

Resting from Gardening Aches Today

I found this anonymous quote somewhere...on someone's blog maybe. This is what is under my chalkboard: (see the chalk hiding behind the mirror? I need to hide it better!) I spent most of yesterday in the garden. JK and I went to Rona first thing to get a few plants. I bought a blueberry bush, a rose bush, and a few others. Then I spent the day cleaning up the backyard and planting. I'm rather achy today. I bought some rhubarb to plant, and when I opened the package to plant it, I'm pretty sure there was nothing in it but a bunch of dirt and one little stick that looked like it used to be part of a root. I dumped it all in the hole I dug and watered it anyway. Probably a waste of $4. I have my very first cut-flowers from my garden this year. It's above my sink so I can look at them while I wash dishes. JK is yelling for me, so that's all for now folks!


  1. Can I BORROW that chalk? I keep forgetting to get some to write on my cute chalkboard.

  2. I love your holder above your sink! So pretty and practical!!

  3. PRETTY flowers! I love the hook/holder/thingy over your sink. Is it Ikea? I almost bought it when I was there last. I just have nowhere to put it. However, seeing it in your kitchen, I may find a place! :o)

  4. Sure Darla, come on over! It will take me years to use all that chalk (at least until JK discovers it and eats it all).

    Marie, yes my thingy over the sink (I don't know what to call it either) is from Ikea. If I had a narrower window in the kitchen, I'd love to put one across the window with herbs planted in the white hanging things.


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