Friday, 2 May 2008

Boring Curtains

I'm disappointed in my bedroom curtains. The fabric is just as pretty as ever, but in the room, on the window it looks like something that has been hanging in a granny's spare room for the past 60 years. What can I do? I'm so stumped. I haven't even started the second window yet...what's the point of making blah curtains? I think they'd look ok against yellow walls, but KD doesn't want to paint this room. The floor is blue shag carpet original to our 1978 townhouse.


  1. I would make them full length (run over to nester's blog and see how she hot glued on material to the bottom) and I would find some material to make an overlayment on the top that has some pizazz to match the decor of the room.

    ya know...something that is about 12-18" long and then add some fringe to the bottom of it.

    OR go to Wal-mart and pick out a set - they are $15 and they just got a whole new line in. Might be cheaper in the end. ???

  2. Hi Jo :)

    How mad would he get if you just painted it while he was at work? ;)

    How about painting the rod black??

    off to see your other post...


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