Thursday, 22 May 2008

Rainy Days, and Squashed Gardens

I'm sitting here this morning drink forte tea out of my new forte porcelain tea cup while the baby sleeps. I'm surprised she's still sleeping! We usually wake her up at 7, but today I decided to let her sleep as long as she likes, and if she only has one nap, so be it. The picture above is of my birthday gifts. The forte tea and cup are from my brother-in-law and his fiancee, and the candles and napkins are from mrs.heidi. She said she wouldn't normally give someone napkins, but she definitely knows what I like! The picture below is of my sisters and me on what I think was my 5th birthday. I'm the one in the middle, Ceall Na Sidhe is on the left. My mom had a thing for matching outfits. I have a jungle growing in my kitchen. My little seedlings have outgrown their eggs and are waiting for me to plant them. I should have done it on the weekend because now it's raining, and probably won't stop for the next few days. I don't mind the rain though. Spring rains are always the best. In this next picture, do you see the chunk of wood on the right? It's in the correct place there, but upside down. Those insensitive cable techs pushed it over right on to my mystery bulbs! They haven't even had a chance to bloom yet, and they're already squashed! I was very upset. They also stepped on and decimated my two poor daffodils. I went outside to check the mail while they were working and saw the wood lying on my poor bulbs. I grabbed my shoes and went out to move it onto the grass. I asked them why they were working on my house when we don't even have cable. They said that they were working on all the townhouses in the complex. I said "Ok. But please try not to wreck my flowers". I admit that they did not cause further damage after that, and they put my chunk of wood back where it belongs. I would have understood if they had to dig up my garden to access their cables, but this was so unnecessary! Ahem. Yes. I am a somewhat emotional person. Pardon me.


  1. So, explain what forte tea is? I've never heard of that. It's nice that you're getting to enjoy it on a quiet morning, though. I love it when my kids sleep in.

    The picture of you and your sisters got me choked up. My girls occasionally ask for a little brother (which they will NOT be getting), but I love that they're so close and that they're sisters. I always wanted one growing up.

    The cable techs really should be more careful. Seriously. Where is good customer service these days?

  2. Hi Jo :)

    I can't believe they stepped on your flowers! I hope they bloom anyway.

    I love your tea set :)


  3. It was your birthday??? PRETTY gifts. Yay for you!

    Sorry about those clod hoppers that smooshed your flowers. :o/


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