Tuesday, 20 May 2008

It's fun to dream

Yesterday I was checking my email while KD was in the room and I opened up an email from ComFree (a realty listing service with no commission). It was a listing for a house that I had seen before, but KD was suddenly very interested. He wanted to look at the house. We both liked it, and it is in the small town outside our city that we want to live in some day. On an impulse, I said "Let's go drive by it". To my utter surprise, KD agreed! So when JK woke from her nap, we went off to drive by a house. When we got there, it looked much smaller that we thought it would be, since it has 4 bedrooms, an office, kitchen, dining room, living room, rec room, and 3 full bathrooms. KD said "Should we call"? So we called the owners and asked if we could take a look at their house. They said sure, lets make an appointment. We said "well, we're right outside your house, do you have time now?" No, that isn't creepy at all, right? They asked for 10 minutes before we came in, then we went to see the house. I could totally see us living there. It has a good-sized yard, two decks, double garage, and a huge storage room in the basement. It's really nice inside, with lots of colour. The kitchen, while kind of small is adorable! I think I fell in love with that kitchen right there. Despite its size, it has an island and lots of cupboard space. It shocked me that KD was even considering buying this house. We are happy where we are, but KD was calculating what our mortgage would be, and we determined that we can afford it if we wanted to. Back home, we talked about it off and on all evening, trying to figure out what we should do. But in the end, I asked KD as we were getting ready for bed: "Are we seriously considering moving?" He said "No". It's just not the right time. I totally agree. We don't need to be spending any extra money right now. And I really think that we need to replace the 1978 lino and awful plastic baseboards in our town house before we even think of selling. So the final verdict is that we will be staying put for now. I am perfectly satisfied with that. But it is fun to think about it.

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  1. It's very fun to dream, but I know that's a hard decision. It sounds like you're happy where you are for now, though, and that's a good thing.


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