Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I've Got Sunshine

It is a gorgeous day today. JK and I will go for a walk after lunch. I have four cheery yellow crocuses blooming in my front garden today. It's actually so bright that I can't get a decent picture of them. We are spring-cleaning the basement this week. Our condo board brings in a dumpster every spring, and it's coming on the weekend. On Sunday we cleaned out the storage room. Oh my, we have never been quite that ruthless in getting rid of stuff before. That is, KD has never been that ruthless. I have a fear of becoming a packrat (because my mother was one), so I have always been selective about the things I keep. But I still have lots to get rid off. I already took one SUV-load to Goodwill, and I will be taking another. I have to drop off some paint and oil at the EcoStation, and I took 4 huge bags out to the garbage shed last night. I need to post some ads on Craigslist this week too, since KD wants to get rid of some of his unused exercise equipment. Anyone want a rowing machine? Just kidding...the shipping would be astronomical. Last Friday I also did a bit of a clean-up in the front yard. It's nice not to have to look at a winter's accumulation of garbage now. My tulips will probably bloom sometime in the next week or two. I decided to get rid of at least two of the three burning bush shrubs in the front yard. They just made it impossible for the lawn care company to do anything to our yard, and they were bent from having all the snow from the sidewalk piled on them all winter for the last 3 years. Besides, with a hawthorn tree and a rosebush right there too, I think we have enough thorns in the front yard! I am not sure if I will dig up the third bush, because it's more out of the way, and not so deformed. I really do think they're pretty.


  1. You sure DO have sunshine! =)

    Pretty flowers. Praying ours hold off budding until the last frost is for sure over (otherwise it's old sheets and blankets time - UGH).

    We had free garbage days last week. We threw out some stuff but not nearly enough. haha

  2. Your baby is absolutely precious!

    Good luck with the clean-up sweetie :)


  3. I adore this picture! What a precious one you have here. I have pictures like this of my kids and they make me smile everytime I look at them. I really enjoy your blog!
    Heather :)


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