Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Living Room - before painting

I thought I'd post pictures of my whole living room, since I already showed the new lamp table. So here is my living room with all its awkward, oversized furniture that we can't get rid of. Ignore the pile of magazines/junk/laptop on the coffee table. Since I pushed the table into the corner, We can't access the cubbies under it. But it makes the room work so much better now that we don't have to sidle past the coffee table. I hate how all the furniture has to be pushed against the walls, but there is nothing I can do about it right now. Before we had the piano (my mom's from childhood), I always had the couch and whatever other seating we had at an angle, and it looked great!. The blinds bug me too, but I can't find any decent (and cheap) fabric. I still don't know what I'm going to do for the other (currently blue-striped) cushion cover. That will probably wait until I figure out the curtains. I will be painting the living room sometime in the next month. The new colour is a yellow/gold/tan called Baklava (which is one of KD's favourite Christmas treats that his mom and grandma make). It has taken me two and a half years to pick a colour, though I always knew it would be some kind of gold. I'm even flouting a designer's advice to use tan to match the couch and floor. The same colour will be in the hall and entrance. I love this room because it is cozy. It is my retreat. But it needs some freshening up for summer. Which is difficult to do with the chenille-ish couch taking up half the room, and a big dark grand piano taking up the other half. My kitchen is all summer, and the living room is all autumn. If anyone wants to give an opinion about what I should do with this room, please, please go right ahead! I'm stuck. Fireplace Mantle. After I paint I'll probably hang those red-flower pictures on the wall...but maybe not. Fireplace walls. The door on the right of the picture is to the basement. We got the door from my in-laws who live in the rich part of town ;-) I love that door! I painted the tree in the upper-left of the picture. No wonder the room feels fall-ish! My probably-antique upright grand piano, which is in horrible condition but I love it anyway. The painting on the wall inspired the colour-scheme for both the room and this blog! It's by Stephen Taylor, if I can read the signature correctly. Big beautiful window (which should have been replaced by now, but the condo board is tied up in a lawsuit with the window company), with ugly old blinds. And my beautiful red cushion. This is my antique fireplace grate that my mom let me take with me when I got married. It used to belong to my great grandmother (who my mom was really close to, but I never met). At one time she had painted it gold and used it as a magazine holder. We roasted marshmallows over it when I was a kid. The flipflops are there because it's right next to the backdoor, and our patio is not the most comfortable thing to walk on in bare feet!


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the chairs are black with stained seat. Your living room already has such great bones it will look great painted! I enjoyed your blog. I loved that letter you painted!

  2. Fireplace grate is so cute!

    I am SO not in a position to give painting advice. Bleh. Or any advice for that matter.

    And yes... PLEASE post kitchen pictures! I love that all your hardware/fixtures don't match. I don't know why I thought they had to??

  3. I love the fireplace grate. What about keeping shoes in it during the off season?

    Looking at the grate made me thing of this tiny story. My grandparents had a fireplace and never used it. They had three beautiful birch logs in it for about twenty years (I am guess, but not exaggerating). When they gave up housekeeping I took the logs and keep them in my fireplace during the off season. They are beautiful pieces of wood with perfect peeling bark and they make me smile when I think about my grandmother "dusting the wood" once a month.

  4. That antique fireplace grate is awesome, it would make a "grate" magazine holder! Very cool! Jen r

  5. Like the rocking horse being featured in the hearth.

  6. You did a great job with your mantel. I can't believe I missed this post.



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