Friday, 30 May 2008

More Bridal Showers

I have two bridal showers to go to this weekend, so last night while KD and JK watched Lost, I had fun wrapping while catching bits of the show as they interested me. I made cards for each bride too, but I forgot to take pictures of them. Now I just have to remember to take the correct gift to each shower! I had just enough of the blue tulle, which was already cut into the perfect lengths. I took my bridesmaid dress to the tailor for alterations, and the neighbourhood is adorable! Between the ugly apartment buildings, were all kinds of gorgeous old cottages, from craftsman to tudor style. I'll have to take my camera when I go back to pick up my dress. And I'll have to remember not to bring the stroller, because the tailor is in the basement.

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  1. GORGEOUS! Christmas is coming - do you do fly-ins to Iowa?


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