Monday, 19 May 2008

The Most Important Room in the House

The Kitchen! If my kitchen is a mess, the rest of the house soon follows. This week JK has been cranky and clingy after supper, so I haven't been washing the dishes (all together now: Eww!). Usually KD will entertain her for me, but he has been studying for his CMA entrance exam. So the kitchen just got messier and messier. And so did the rest of the house. It was a disaster. I really, really need to wash my dishes every day, even if it is just a few. So, yesterday, I chose to spend time with KD instead of cleaning my kitchen. JK developed a cold and only had 30-minute naps instead of her usual 2 hours. The poor baby can't breathe. She also woke up every hour after bedtime. Finally after midnight, she stayed asleep, and I went to bed, exhausted. JK woke up at 6:30, but I was not ready to get up for the day, so I fed her and put her back in her crib to play (yes, this story does have something to do with the kitchen), then went back to bed. I didn't even notice when KD got up. In between my dozing I heard him talking to the baby. When they came in to wake me at 9:00 so that KD could go study, JK was dressed and breakfasted. When I went down to the kitchen to get my own breakfast, the kitchen was sparkling clean! Do I have a sweet husband or what? I just feel so much fresher now that my kitchen is clean again. I grew up in a not-very-clean house (my mom was a packrat, and single mom to four), and I constantly have to fight with myself to keep my home clean. So, with my kitchen clean, it will be no problem to tidy the rest of the house while KD studies, and then enjoy our holiday Monday. How nice of Queen Victoria to be born in May! (I may edit this post later to add pictures of my kitchen. I'm on the laptop, which doesn't have any pictures on it.)


  1. He is a sweet hubby! What do you do for this holiday? We don't have it here. It's on our calenders though... weird.

    Have a beautiful day Jo!

  2. What a guy!!!

    Yes how nice of that Queen to do that for you. lol

  3. He cleaned the kitchen AND fed the baby???? These words just don't compute.

  4. I, too, am the product of a packrat, mile-high-piling mother and I have to work my @$$ off not to be her.

    It is a struggle I can appreciate. Instead of making little piles all over the place I try to have just one pile in each room. I've improved, but it is a constant battle. I wish I could take some kind of a med that would make me be a fanatic about it, not really but then I wouldn't have to struggle. I like meds and I do not like to struggle.

  5. If I had to pick between a sick baby and washing my dishes, the baby would win every time. :o) I hope she is feeling better!

    What a sweet hubby to take care of the dishes! I love when I get a little day off from dishes. I'd really love a day off from the laundry though! ;o)

  6. How sweet of your hubby! Oh, those sleepless nights with baby! When they are sick it's the worst! Hope she naps better today!

  7. High five for you choosing the sick baby over your clean house!! Have you checked to see if she has an ear infection? If she isn't sleeping and also has a stuffed up nose, it could be a "red flags" for this...either that or she is teething. :o)


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