Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Mystery solved!

I finally remembered what my mystery bulbs are! They're definately not tulips! I was thinking maybe dahlia, because I know I considered getting some when I was buying my bulbs (and I've never seen dahlias in person). But no, it's Alium! No wonder they're so tall! I planted ornamental grass for the first time this year. This pot is between my front steps and the neighbours'. The pot actually belongs to them, but they don't do much gardening (no wonder, with 3 kids under the age of 5 as well as a teenager), so I usually plant something there. The other plants are some nicotania that I grew from seed in egg shells. I think they're doing well! It's supposed to smell really nice Don't the neighbours have a cute welcome mat? Ours is terribly ugly, so I won't show that. We went to KD's grandma's house for dinner yesterday. She is an avid gardener, and has her whole yard filled with plants. She always gives me her extra tomato seedlings and whatever else she has left after planting. This is what she gave me this year, including the tomato cages, which I needed anyway. I will have a lot of tomatoes this year! I have to find time soon to plant them all. It's not going to happen today. JK and I are going to a mom's group this afternoon (with mrs.heidi and baby D). I rearranged some furniture the other day. I decided that the fireplace end of the living room needed some light, but there was nothing to put a lamp on. The only other light in the room is a hanging lamp way in the corner. Since we moved the piano in, the far side of the room hasn't been getting much light. So here is one of the end tables that my uncle made years ago when he was a carpenter instead of an engineer. The lamp is from a garage sale. It used to be olive green with no shade. It was difficult to find a shade that actually covered the bulb! As it is, this shade is too short, but it was the tallest we could find at the time. Maybe I'll add some fringe. That's my grey Rona-bird, and some old books that I gathered for the upcoming Color Challenge at Cottage Magpie and hadn't put away yet when I was looking for stuff to put on this table. The lace is the table runner that I bought last week. To the right of this picture is the fireplace:This picture is a couple of weeks old, so you can see my antique fireplace grate that we use to hold firewood (because it's too big to use in the fireplace) where the end table is now. I've also added some of my favourite old books to the mantle since, a la Confessions of a Happy Housefrau. I can't wait to get this room painted. (Edited hours later to add an apostrophe. Yes, I am a bit obsessive about punctuation.)


  1. Isn't Aimee like the COOLEST decorator EVER? I love her style so much it makes it hard for me to hate her. :o)

    Sounds like you've been very, very busy! I laughed at your lamp/lampshade dilema. I am having an issue with a lamp of my own. lol

  2. Oh I love those purple flowers!!!

    Bwahahah we all wait on Aimee to make a move so we know what to do next. LOL LOL LOL!!!!

  3. Those flowers are so pretty! I love your lamp, it looks very cute. I think the shade looks nice. Ooh, I wish I had a mantle to decorate too!

  4. I jut love it over here. My previous home was a huge, six bedrooms four bathrooms 3300 square feet just a block off of Lake Michigan's shores. The house was built in the very early 1900s and was full of closets and crannies and shelves and I decorated and rearranged and it was so ubercool with napkins and linens and sunshine.

    We collected/adopted too many kids to live in a high traffic area so we sold that and now have an A-Frame on an acre and a half of woods. An A-Frame. Who the hell lives in an A-Frame! We do. My husband is a finishing carpenter and is redoing it. One room at a time, on a shoe string.

    I love what you do with your blog and letting me in your house to peek around. I blow the pictures up as large as I can and scope out all the details. Thank you for letting me come over, I enjoy every visit.

    I would love to do a blog like yours and show our trials (and errors) but I am afraid to start.

    I don't know if I want you to talk me out of it or encourage me, I guess I am just babbling because you are so kind and have a comfortable blog ... like that giant leather couch at my psychiatrist's office ;)

  5. I saw the name of your blog somewhere and thought "I must pay a visit"...so glad I did! It is lovely!

    Happy day,


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