Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Neighbourhood Walk

I have butterflies in my tummy. I just sent an email to the other four bridesmaids for one of the weddings I'm in that I'm not sure they will take kindly to. But I'm thinking of the bride's wishes, so it had to be said. JK and I went on our walk yesterday afternoon. I like to walk around the neighbourhood in the spring to see what's growing. And KD really likes it when I get out of the house and get some exercise (he's a runner and a sports of those could-eat-a-horse-and-stay-skinny types). Gardening is not a big thing in our immediate area, but every so often I came across something interesting. There was one yard I had to share with you. You know how some people put an old weathered wagon wheel in their garden to add some rustic charm? It's sweet and old fashioned, I think. And you know how sometimes people also like to add a cow's skull to give a bit of a wild west feel? That's ok too...but have you ever seen an entire cow's skeleton? When I saw this I just had to laugh! I actually discovered it on our last walk, which is why I brought the camera on this walk so I could share it with you.I just love the leg bones in front of the wheel...hilarious! I'm surprised that the neighbourhood dogs haven't run off with them yet. This next picture shows a wagon wheel done right. I walked past this house and felt kind of conspicuous pulling out the camera, so I walked by. Later I decided that I needed a picture, so I went back. I was on the opposite side of the street, thinking that I could just quickly snap a picture and move on, when a car parked right in front of this house and the guy started unloading plants. I thought that I had missed my opportunity until I just decided to go and ask if I could take a picture. I am not the kind of person who does that sort of thing! So before I could change my mind, I crossed the street and asked. I'm so glad I did! The couple was very nice, and even told me that the posts are from the husband's family's old farmhouse. They used to hold up a porch, and when they were being removed, they found that none of them are the same! Gotta love the unique character of old homes! Click to enlarge and see the sweet things they have hanging on each post. And just for fun this morning, I dressed JK in one of my old baby dresses and had a photo shoot.She quickly decided that she had had enough. I wonder why they made baby clothes so short and wide in the eighties? Were we all short and fat babies? Who knows. Anyway, this short wide dress looks sweet on my baby.


  1. Ooh look at you spelling neighborhood all FRENCHY! ha ha

    Your daughter is devine!

    I laughed at that cow carcass thing. But yucko!

  2. LOL Marie I noticed the same thing...Jo's so fancy schmancy compared to us Americans.

    In a wedding are you Jo? Ugh, hope I'm not in one never ever ever again.

    JK = cutie pie

  3. What a CUTE baby!!! With a pre-teen and a teen at my house.. babies are to die for!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

  4. Hey Jo!! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. It's so fun to find a new bloggy friend.

    I looooove the cow bone yard. That is hysterical!! And the porch posts got me a little choked up. I love that they're all different too and from that man's family.

    I'll be back!!

  5. I think I'm actually a little scared of the people that own a whole cow skeleton. I'd walk around that one... yikes! LOL

    Your baby is just too cute for words :)



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