Thursday, 8 May 2008

New Door Decor

The above picture is one of my favourite drinks lately. We don't have a coffee maker, but I don't mind because I just love the flavoured instant coffee. Especially the Belgian Hazelnut. It is so expensive though! I only buy it when it's on sale. JK is not sleeping...she is supposed to be having a 2-hour nap right now, but she only slept for 30 minutes. She did the same thing yesterday too. Last week I had to take my door decoration off. It was a plaque with the words "Good friends make all season's sunny and warm"...with another plaque hanging that had sunflowers and other stuff glued on. It was pretty. My best friend made it for me about 8 years ago. Anyway, bits and pieces kept dropping off and I couldn't figure out why until one day I opened the door and everything that was left was about to drop to the floor. With the sun shining it was like a greenhouse between the screen door and the main door, and the heat melted the glue! So I had to come up with something that didn't require hot glue. I have some small wall-quilts that I sometimes use, but both are winter scenes, so that wouldn't go. I bought a 3 dollar grapevine wreath at walmart, and wired on some pretty flowers that I already had, and finished with a small bow (using discount ribbon from Michaels). This is what I came up with! And who could this package be for? It's a housewarming gift for my dear friend A and her fiance R. They just bought a townhouse really close to where we live, and they're getting married in July (one of the two weddings I'm in this summer, out of the four we're attending--so far). I completely forgot to take a picture of the contents of the package, but maybe A will take one and let me post it. It's a sign that says "Welcome Home". I used the same green paint that I mixed for the piano bench (I love that colour!), and I tried using regular white glue to make a crackle finish with white craft paint, and it worked! KD was suitably impressed when I showed him. I have a busy day today. I have to take a final (I hope) load of stuff to Goodwill, and I have to go to the EcoStation to get rid of some old paint and oil. I have to deliver the gift, and then go hang out with my friend H, and her son, the cutest baby boy I've ever seen. Oh, JK is sleeping again, yay! Thanks to everyone who commented on how cute she is ;-) I totally agree with you. She looks just like my mother-in-law's baby pictures. Everyone says she looks like her daddy too. Speaking of my mother-in-law, she's coming to visit this weekend, so I had better go clean the house!


  1. I had my first cup of coffee today in 4 years. YES, you read that right - 4 years! I was buzzing for more than 5 hours like a kid on a pixie stick.

    Cute door decor.

  2. I think the new door decor is darling! Great job for a great price too :)


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed reading through yours. Cute wreath!


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