Friday, 2 May 2008

The Wait Continues

I just called my aunt about that china cabinet (with the accompanying heart-pounding). She's been so busy, she said, that she hasn't had a chance to go look at the cabinets yet. All this horrible suspense better be worth it! If someone else has already claimed the cabinet, I'd rather know right away so I can work on getting over the disappointment.


  1. Would it be wrong of me to say how mad I am? LOL

    I'm so bad about living vicariously through someone else.

    Honest to pete, how hard is it to SEND someone out to look at the cabinet. For goodnessake!

    ...not that I'm annoyed or anything.

  2. Darla, you and me both!

    Jo honey... how far away does she live? I would try going over there yourself. What about KD? Would he go with you? Ooooo... I'm mad! If she was in Ohio, I'd go over there!

    Get mad! Stand your ground and get your cabinet!!


  3. Yikes. How many cabinets does your aunt have in her house? I laughed because how can someone be so unsure? lol Anyway...hope you hear soon. How frustrating!


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