Saturday, 7 June 2008

"Best" Friends

I didn't post yesterday because I was too flustered while getting ready for a bridal shower that I was planning. The shower was great! Everything worked out beautifully. The food was good, fun friends where there, the bride loved it, and the hot tub at the end was great! I wore a bikini without a t-shirt for the first time ever since my honeymoon. It's amazing how having a baby can change one's perspective about body-image.

 At the shower, I was chatting with a couple of girls and mentioned that I'm in another wedding this summer, for my friend G. One of the girls said, "Oh, your best best friend is getting married!" I said yes, and we continued with the conversation. But it got me thinking about the term "best friend". G and I have been friends since I was 6, and we were inseparable for many years. I think I almost spent more time at her house than at mine. Since both of us were homeschooled, we had a lot of flexibility for extended sleepovers! To this day, even though we don't see each other as often as we would like, we can simply pick up where we left off.

 I can talk to G about anything, and I'm pretty sure she feels the same about me. As for other friends, I've never been good at getting beyond the surface level. I'm not comfortable initiating anything, and I feel uncomfortable just calling someone to get together. I guess I fear rejection, and I don't want to push myself where I'm not wanted. But I took it to the extreme, and pretty much kept to myself. When I was 15 or so, my family moved away from the town where G lives, and into the city. I became even more of a loner without G.

 But at the church that we went to, I started to get comfortable with the youth group. I still felt like I was on the outside, but at youth events I could usually join in. Anyway, among my friends there, was a sweet girl, A. After a while, A and I became close friends. It was actually after KD and I married and we started attending a different church. But I still went to the young adult girls bible study with A, and on the drive to and from the meeting, we would talk about everything. Now I'm in sweet A's wedding!

 But to come back to the phrase "best friend": It implies exclusivity. One can only have one "best" friend. That poses a problem for me. Maybe I think about this kind of thing too much. I am a bit of a grammar geek. Anyway, (speaking just about girl friends, 'cause KD is the closest person to me, obviously): G is my best friend. But A is just as "best". So I have two best friends, and it makes me uncomfortable when someone refers to G as my best friend in A's hearing, because A is just as special to me. So that's what I was thinking about as I was nursing JK when I got home at 11:30 last night. I hope it hasn't left you completely confused or worried about my mental state.

 Have a great weekend! (if I wasn't on the laptop today, I'd include a picture or two)


  1. I love this side of you, you are beautiful, creative, and talented no matter what media you choose.

  2. the shower was excellent! what a fun night. thanks for the ice cream! and your bikini was beautiful on you! we did it, braved the bikini, and we are skiiiiiny!
    i'm so happy for you that you are in both "bests" weddings this summer. if your summer was a movie it would be titled "my best and other best friends wedding" heehee. what a memorable year!

  3. I have a few best friends. A best shopping friend. A best go out to lunch friend. A best email friend. A best tell secrets to friend. A best pick me up friend. You know. :o) I suppose my best all around friend is my husband. How boring, right?

    You GO GIRL on no tshirt and a bikini top! I scared my children the other day by doing the same thing. ha ha

  4. You've NEVER needed a t-shirt my dear!

  5. Glad to hear the shower went great and you braved the bikini! I agree with you on the whole body image thing after a baby. My husband always tells me that he doesn't think I look any different so I guess it is all in how we see ourselves! I am sure you looked fabulous in that thing!!!
    I am like you! I see no problem with having more than one best friend. I have a few- including my husband. And I think other than the proper grammar issues that is is quite ok!!!
    Another great post sweetie!
    Oh and the green jug- yardsale for 25 cents!! If you like it I would be more than happy to mail it to you honey! That thing has moved around my house more times than me! I just stuck it there because I don't know where else to put it!!
    -Heather :)


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