Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Books and Birds and Bedding

I guess it's time to renew my library card. I went to the website to request a book and was told "Terribly sorry, but there seems to be a problem with your card". How terribly polite! So sometime soon I have to go to the library to pay my fine (because I needed a book for school one week longer than they were willing to let me have it) and renew my card. I just started reading Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome again today. I haven't read it for a while. It's a sweet children's book about four kids who get to live on an island for their summer holidays and have all kinds of piratey adventures (though mother is just a short sail away). I can't wait to read books like that to JK. I hope she loves reading like I do. Inspired by Darla's photo of her new baby birds, I braved the wrath of the mama and papa robins to take another picture of the nest by my back door. It turns out that the last picture I took was just the beginning of the nest. It looks much more nest-like now. No eggs yet. I finished that confounded quilt! It really didn't take long at all. It's so nice having a machine without tension problems. The quilt is denim on the front, with the raw edges of the denim showing, and thick grey fleece on the back. I think it will do nicely for an outside blanket, though I dread having to wash the heavy thing! I shouldn't have put any batting in between the layers, but I did, so it's a really thick quilt. I'm going to keep it by the back door in the fireplace grate. Much safer for the exploring baby than the firewood that is there now. No one told me how exhausting it can be to have a crawling baby! I bought some cabinet locks and more plug covers to help keep JK safe as she explores. Note: The cookies in the last post are just regular chocolate-chip cookies with m&ms insted of chocolate chips. They were quite a hit at mom's group! They're pale because I only bake them for 8 minutes instead of 10 so that they are still chewy and not hard. They kind of look like whipped shortbread in the picture.


  1. oohhh nice job braving it! No eggs yet? Hmmmm she better get busy.

  2. Oh, how sweet your robin's nest is. It'll be fun to watch the babies grow. Speaking of which, just wait until she starts walking. OH my stars that's when you really have to be on your toes. They are sooooo fast!!

  3. That's a beautiful quilt! I can't sew and I'm always so amazed by people who can.

    And thanks for the book recommendation. My 4-year old loves for me to read him big kid books without pictures. And I'm always looking for appropriate material. Thanks!

  4. all the chocolate chip recipes I have seen call for brown sugar, no way they'd be that white even if I take them out early! You will have to show me your recipe.

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