Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Bunch of Nonsense

JK loves to eat. She also thinks it's great fun to purposely get her arm stuck between her tray and her chair. She'll wedge it in there and calmly keep eating or talking to herself until she decides she wants it out. Then she'll try to get my attention gradually getting louder and more insistent. The second I release her arm, she sticks it back in there again! The look on her face says it all. In the name of honesty and full-disclosure, this is the ugly side of my backyard: I'd really like to build a potting bench thing all along the back of the house under the windows. It would have sections of the top hinged for the garbage can, air conditioner, and wood, and cubbies for my garden tools and pots. It would be beautiful. But it would also cost more money than we are willing to spend. So I tend to ignore that side of the yard. It's even worse right now because I had to take the hose holder off the wall in order for the condo board to paint...which they probably won't get around to this year again. It's thirteen years past due. JK's first experience in a swing: JK's first taste of playground sand: (picture taken by my friend E at mom's group last week) Speaking of JK, she can now clearly say 5 words: tongue, mama, dada, baby, and puppy. She still won't say it on command though. She tries to say "toes" too, but it sounds more like "dis". And she learned how to crawl yesterday! Finally! Now I have to really child-proof the house. Which is difficult in the kitchen because the cabinet locks that go around the handles don't fit, due to that ding-dong of a builder and his ridiculously positioned handles being too far apart. Maybe I'll just pull out the playpen until she gets tired of that. mrs.heidi and baby D are coming over today. I invited a few other moms as well but no one else has gotten back to me. Oh well, maybe next time!


  1. Your daughter is so cute :) It looks like she had a lot of fun.

    I don't think that side of the porch looks bad at all!


  2. What a silly girl you have! But she sure is adorable! I love that swing picture.

    I have all kinds of stuff in my backyard I'd like to hide too... ac unit, trash bins, etc. Maybe SOMEDAY I'll actually do something about it! Your "ugly" part of the yard probably looks better than my whole yard, so don't feel bad!

  3. That's the ugly side of your yard? Sheesh. Your baby is too cute, one of your finer creations.

    And in a non-stalker way, that color looks really good on you and you should totally have that beach picture for your screensaver.

  4. I love the brickwork even more now that I can see the whole patio! VERY cute. Did you design it yourself? I love it and I'm not just being nice. lol

    Your baby is SO cute. I love that picture of her looking so sneaky. hee hee

  5. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone!

    Carrie, I do actually have that picutre as my computer wallpaper...currently anyway, I'm always changing it.

    Marie, I won't say I designed my patio. I rarely design something beforehand. It just kind of evolved. We already had the red bricks, so we bought the kit for the circle. I just happened to have enough left over to do the half-circles by the steps and the gate. I'd show a before picture, but it's in our filing cabinet, not on the computer, and It's too much work to scan it ;-)

  6. Jo, JK is SO cute! in that picture of you 2 sitting on the sand, she looks a lot like you did at that age. :) You are a wonderful girl, and more creative than me. I just steal other peopl's ideas!


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