Monday, 23 June 2008

Fun with Family, Friends, and Flowers

We had a busy weekend! On Saturday, we went to KD's work picnic. It was held at a water treatment plant run by the utility company that he works for. We went on a not-very-exciting tour of the plant. We had lunch, watched a plane fly over, and went home. On Sunday, we had another bridal shower for the second of the weddings I am in this summer. It went well, though we (the bridesmaids) were rather disorganised. By some miracle, since I got hardly any responses to the invitations we sent, we had exactly enough food. One of the games we played was the toilet-paper-wedding-dress. But there was a twist! Since it was a couples shower, we had two teams of all men. Oh, it was so funny! Unfortunately I left my camera in the car so I don't have any pictures. Just imagine two very manly men with stuffed shirts, trains, veils, etc. JK had no sleep all day yesterday, and she finally cut a tooth, but she was surprisingly good! She was a little cranky, but for the most part, all the new people distracted her from complaining too much. I have to say that if I ever plan another bridal shower, I will again suggest that the duties be split between the bridesmaids. For this one, I was in charge of the invitations and decorations, another bridesmaid was in charge of games and activities, and the third bridesmaid was in charge of the food. Of course we all helped each other, but it was nice to have one person making the decisions for each aspect so that there was no chance of argument or any drama. It worked very well. Before we left on Sunday morning, my mom stopped by to drop off my sister's sister-in-law's boquet from her wedding. When my sister got married, I took all the bridesmaid's boquet, dried the flowers and arranged them in a shadow-frame. So my sister wants to do the same for her sister-in-law. I forgot to take a before picture of the lovely boquet, but here are the flowers all laid out for drying. In about a month I'll buy the shadow frame and fire up the glue gun. I just hope the flowers don't loose too much colour. I'm considering buying more of this stuff: It's silica, for drying flowers. Under that mess is most of the roses from the boquet. I think I should do the dark pink carnations too, 'cause I've heard that they turn brown when drying. The other two shadow frames I've done both had gebera daisies, which stay beautiful and take up lots of room. I'm not sure how the carnations will turn out. So, stay tuned for the after about a month. How's that for suspense? Today, I am taking down everything in the living room and plastering holes for painting. I hope I can get all the sanding (of the plaster) and taping done today. Then tomorrow I'll do the first coat of my lovely grey primer on all the walls except the one the piano is against. I'll have to do that last I think. Any tips on how to get a straight-looking line against a popcorn-ceiling? I didn't do a very good job with that when I did JK's room. In the kitchen I was slightly better, but still not great.


  1. Good luck with the painting. I've never done a popcorn ceiling - don't envy that!

  2. JK is just so beautiful! Oh my goodness those eyes! The shower sounds like it was a lot of fun!
    I never knew about the silica for drying flowers....... maybe that's why mine never turn out that well!!
    Good luck with your painting. As far as tips for popcorn....... I never tape off when I paint but I dont load my trim brush either. I do one side of the brush (only put paint on one side- don't dip whole thing in paint and get both sides coated)and for trim around the ceiling I do one half of one side closest to the tip- does that make sense? Then I put the tip right at the top of the wall and trim right up against it. Sometimes there is a little "valley" or crevice where the ceiling and wall come together. If you have that and can stay in that little crevice it is so easy! It takes longer but with textured ceilings you end up with a better result. And I always use a 2" angled brush. Sherwin Williams brushes are the best but Rubbermaid is good too. Hopefully I am explaining all of this well. If I could draw you a picture or show you it would be so much easier! You are so talented though I doubt your room will turn out anything but beautiful! OH! And another tip- baby wipes are awesome to have right beside you when painting! If paint drips or gets on the ceiling take a wipe to it and it comes right off! Those things are and have been a life saver for me!
    You have my least favorite part done already- the prep work! LOL!!
    Good luck and have fun! Can't wait to see the finished result!
    -Heather :)


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