Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Gift wrap tip #1

First, thanks to everyone who came over from The Nester's IDHTBPTBB post! And thanks for the nice comments about our bathroom. Unfortunately I lost the before pictures, but picture pumpkin orange walls, 1970s tiles, and lino just like the stuff in the kitchen, only brown instead of blue. We chose the green colours to coordinate with the countertop, because we couldn't change that and didn't want it to look outdated like it did before. I like the spa-feeling those colours give to the bathroom. Tip #1: When wrapping a gift, take a cue from the gift itself for wrapping inspiration. I had fun making this card. It is sitting on the gift. When my friend opened the card she said "How did you make that?" The answer: "With a knife and lots of time." This is the inside of the card, making use of all the cut-out bits from the front. I love playing with bits of paper! And here is the gift all wrapped and ready to go. I think tulle is my new favourite gift-wrapping supply. I wanted black tissue paper to wrap it in, but the only black I had was cardstock. So I dusted off the box-making skills that I learned in a calligraphy class when I was 10. I managed to take a picture of the nest again, getting a blurry glimpse of the beautiful eggs. It was kind of obvious when we got eggs, by the way Mrs. Robin would fly at my head every time I opened the back door. But yesterday I discovered that she may have abandoned the nest! One egg is smashed on the ground, and I didn't see Mrs. Robin all day yesterday. I was actually lying awake in bed last night worrying about it! Maybe she decided that the nest was too close to the door and went off to make a new nest...if so, how could she abandon her babies! Or maybe she was scared off by my attempts at picture taking. I feel terribly guilty. But if the nest is abandoned, I really want to take it down (because it's a mess), and if there are any eggs in there, I'd love to blow them out and keep them...but I'm too scared. What if there is a baby bird in it! What should I do? To make myself feel better, and because it as been way too long since the last gratuitous picture of JK, here are some pictures of my baby. The baby who is going to have a birthday in two and a half weeks. Yikes!


  1. Pretty card... B E A U T I F U L baby! Great blog!

  2. Oh no. I'm getting panicked for you over that bird's nest! I hope the momma comes back.

    Beautiful card and wrapping!! I'm very, very impressed! All you patio building, card making, quilt sewing people make me so ashamed I don't do more than I do. And you have a baby!! (who is very, very cute, by the way... like I have to tell you that!)

    Thanks for your latest sweet comments... I got that urn by my front door about a month ago for $6 at Lowes. I can't figure out why it was on clearance. But, yay!

  3. GAH! 2 and a half weeks?! Where DOES the time go!!!

    My baby's almost 10!

    I don't think the egg has been there long enough to have a baby in it, but you never know. I would be scared too. I hope mama bird comes back! The poor babies!

  4. Head on over to Blissfully D (blog) I put a link to your patio on there. =)

  5. Oh JK is so beautiful! Pretty card too! I do have a thing for black and white though!
    I like your bathroom- it does look very spa-like in there! Even with all of the "imperfections". We would have never known had you not pointed them out though!! he he he
    Man I feel like I am so behind on blog hoppin and comment leaving!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Have a great evening honey!
    -Heather :)

  6. That card looks so professional! Great job. What a beautiful way to coordinate the gift and gift wrap. I also love tulle. You just can not mess it up! Darling photos of the babe too!

  7. Oh my! I Love that card!!

    I tagged you for a meme. Come see!


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