Monday, 23 June 2008

Hey, wait a minute...It's Summer!

I totally forgot about the changing of the seasons! Usually I notice the date and have a "yay, it's the first day of summer" attitude all day. With all the party planning going on this week it slipped my notice! I thought y'all would get a kick out of my living room now that I have torn it all apart. (yes, I do say "y'all", even though I'm not from the south...and I'm not even American. It's such a handy word, since the english language doesn't otherwise have a general, all inclusive version of "you") I had to take all the books out of the bookshelf before I could move it. Our shelf is from Ikea, and is too flimsy to be moved with even half the books left is pretty though.


  1. Hey, wiat a minute ... what do you mean you're not American? As long as you're not Anti-American, y'all can hang out at my blog ;)

    I am so tempted to secretly email you pictures of my living room being taking apart. How goofy am I?

    Like my international pseudo friend and her adorable baby want to see my living room ripped apart? Just because I love to look at yours doesn't mean ....

  2. I DO live in the south. And I AM American. I think I've said "ya'll" about 4 times in my life. lol I grew up with parents who were born and raised in New York...I didn't hear "ya'll" at home.

    Can't wait to see your finished living room!


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