Saturday, 28 June 2008

House Hunting

You know how I've mentioned that I love our little townhouse, and I'm finally painting the living room the exact shade of yellow that I wanted, and I am enjoying my little garden and all that? Well, KD has decided that it's a good time to start looking for another house to buy! I was planning on waiting at least another year before we sell this place, and there are so many things that definitely need to be done beforehand. Another thing he has decided is that he would like to move to a very small city that is 15 minutes away from the one we live in...this is instead of the small town 25 minutes away that we had been initially considering. The funny thing is that I had been already looking at houses there, thinking that when the time came to think about moving, I would bring it up with KD to see whether he would consider moving there. I guess he was way ahead of me! Possibly because his brother just moved there. The above picture is of a house we are going to see tomorrow (picture borrowed from the online Comfree listing. I'd include the link except then you would all know where I live!). I think it would be cute if it wasn't hiding behind all the overgrown shrubs. We have one other appointment tomorrow, and then we will try to get to some open houses as well. Today we went to see 4 houses. I spent all day Friday setting up appointments, because KD didn't want to sign on with a realtor yet. House #1: Lovely kitchen with pretty glossy black cabinets in the kitchen, but the rest of the house was really dated and the basement smelled like mildew or something. House #2: Nicely updated, but only two bedrooms on the main floor. Kitchen is small. Parents apparently sleep in the partially finished basement while the kids get the bedrooms. House # 3: The realtor from #2 said it was "just around the corner", so with 20 minutes before our next appointment, we agreed to go see it as well. It was beautifully and completely updated, and the only thing KD didn't like about it was the price. About $20,000 above what we want to spend! I thought it was a nice house, but it was boring! No character whatsoever. Could have been just because it is not lived in at the moment. But I just didn't like it, despite the huge yard with the lilac bush. House #4: Well, I walked in, saw the gorgeous fireplace and the really expensive beautiful leaf-patterned carpet, and I swooned! I loved it. The kitchen was all redone, all the main rooms were huge, the basement was in the process of being finished, and it had a huge jacuzzi tub. I loved it. The yard was to die for. Huge with peonies and lilacs, and a hill. KD didn't like it though. All the windows were original to the house (1962), and probably needed replacing. There is a leak in the ceiling above the tub, and the outside of the house was ugly dirty-looking stucco. I told KD that the outside could be perked up with paint and shutters and a brightly-painted door, but he didn't believe me. Now that I am home and away from that seductive fireplace and gorgeous kitchen, I can see clearer, and I agree that we shouldn't buy that house. The traffic noises behind the house are what convinced me. We can always fix the windows and exterior with enough money, but we can't move a road. So we keep looking. We're not in a hurry. And in the meantime, I have an ever-growing list of things to fix in this house before we sell. Good thing I'm already working on painting the living room and entry hall. Here are the ones I can remember, in no particular order:
  • update 1/2 bathroom, including replacing the sink, light fixture, and backsplash
  • replace lino on main floor with laminate or some nice vinyl flooring
  • replace all main floor baseboards
  • fix and paint all upstairs baseboards (except of course the bathroom, which was already done)
  • touch up paint in kitchen
  • paint all doors and window trim.
Whew, I'm going to have a busy summer!


  1. I love house hunting!! I sometimes want to go to Open Houses in the area... just for fun. hee hee Good luck tomorrow. :o)

    To answer your question about the laminate flooring... we got it for free a few months ago. Some guy my husband works with didn't want it so he gave it to us. He even delivered it! He gave us 14 boxes of "heirloom hickory" Armstrong laminate. Go us! ha ha It's looking GOOD in the kitchen!

  2. Yes the rule in life is: once you get your house exactly as you want it, you move. Might as well get used to it now, cuz it's not about to end any time soon. ;)

  3. You do have a busy summer but isn't house hunting so fun?!?! I love to go looking at houses!

  4. I love house hunting! It is fun but also a lot of work and stress. Ugh. You are going to have a very very busy summer! My goodness!
    You are amazing though and I know you will get it all done in time and looking lovely!
    Good luck tomorrow!
    -Heather :)

  5. Wow! Moving already! It's a good thing you have KD to point out all the bad things about the potential homes! heh heh


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