Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The Nightmare Is Almost Over

Yes. Nightmare. About three years ago I had the bright idea to give everyone handmade gifts for Christmas. After weeks of stress trying to finish everything, I eventually came to my senses and gave up. But for three years I've been working on a denim patchwork quilt that was originally for my brother. He got a Future Shop gift card instead. If a friend ever tells you that she is thinking of machine quilting denim, do her a favour on my behalf and tell her that she is freaking crazy! But today I finally finished the quilting. It was made much quicker since I now have a machine that doesn't tangle the thread every foot or so (and that isn't 40 years old...it was top of the line back then!). I just have to finish the edges, which I'll probably do tomorrow. I really wanted to finish it because it will be nice to lay out on the patio to give JK a soft place to play while I sip iced tea and read outside. We're going to mom's group today, so I have to go give JK some lunch before we go. It's my turn to bring the snack, so this is what I came up with. Colourful, eh?


  1. I have quilted many an item in my day (never denim) and on my 40 year old machine, but I love that machine, so it's stayin. ;)

    What kind of cookies are those? They're so WHITE!

  2. Quilting DENIM? Holy moly that does sound like a struggle! I haven't quilted since before I lived in Hawaii. I *almost* miss it. *Ü* But I hate my new machine, so I hate to sew. lol

  3. I love the polar opposites of your food picture. Do I go with fruit or cookies?? Easy decision for me...cookies every time.

  4. okay those cookies were amazing. i'm the lucky blog reader that actually got to TASTE jo's amazing cooking!


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