Thursday, 19 June 2008

Pretty Houses

I love houses. One of my favourite things about England was all the old buildings. North America doesn't really have the same concept of "old". I'm always looking for houses that are good looking, because honestly, here in Alberta most of the houses are ugly not very charming. This is the house that I saw with mrs.heidi when we went walking (that's mrs.heidi, baby D, and JK in front of the house...I had to cross the street to get the picture). It is such a unique looking house! It looks way nicer in person. The entrance is nice and substantial, and I love the baby-blue lamp post. This next one is a house in a charming-though-touristy town called Merrickville. KD grew up in that area, so when we go back to visit, we drive by this house quite often. I love that it has a tower! And real shutters that open! My mother-in-law took these pictures for me because I didn't get a chance the first couple of times I visited. I also love looking at real estate listings, even though we aren't even thinking of moving right now. I won't show any of those, though I did find some cute ones. Lastly, I have fun with house plans! It's sometimes frustrating, because the all start looking the same to me. Every now and then I come across one that I think is perfect, or nearly so. Most of the time the layout is great, but the rooms are all just too big...which could be easily fixed, I'm sure. These are some I've come across in the past week or so: European style Lots of porches The second one is my current favourite. It is not likely that KD and I will ever build a house, but if we do, it will be very difficult to agree on anything...and I have expensive taste (slate floors and soapstone countertops anyone?). Yep, I love houses.


  1. I take pictures of houses everywhere I go too. I used to SKIP SCHOOL when I was a teenager just to drive around some ritzy neighborhoods and ooh and ahh over the houses. That was dumb. Anyway. I didn't know you lived soooooo far over there in Canada. I invisioned you in my time zone for some reason. lol

  2. That second home reminds me of our old courthouse. The courthouse was bigger, but the general feel is the same.

    They tore it down and built new. I guess it was too much $$$ to restore. Sad.

  3. I love the European house plan. It's not perfect, but close! I like big open entryways, and I dislike closed in dining rooms. One thing I have ALWAYS wanted is a house with a tower, but of course, the tower would be MY room. That is the sort of room princesses have. You know, the highest room, in the tallest tower. :)

  4. Hi Jo :)

    You KNOW I love houses ;) Those are really pretty! I'm surprised that the houses where you live aren't cuter. I pictured it to look kind of like a mixture of France and England there.... hmmm...

    Oh and you don't talk too much LOL I really enjoy hearing from you :)



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