Friday, 27 June 2008

Random Photo Day!

Editing to participate in Candid Carrie's Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta. The above picture is one of my favourite because JK is in one of her favourite poses. Almost every time I say the word "head", she smacks her hands on her head like she's saying "oh no!" And if I ask here where her hair or ears or eyes are, she does the same thing. Smack! Sometimes she actually gets her hands over her eyes, but it's not often. This is what happens when I have nothing to post about and I start playing with the camera. I think JK wants to start a modeling career...or maybe comedy. Her hair is all funny because I had just washed the apple sauce out of it.


  1. I love those pics! I especially love the one with her hair going nuts:) Too cute!

  2. I swear if JK gets any cuter I will NOT be able to handle it! Oh my she is so precious!!!!!!
    I love the random photos! So fun to look at.
    -Heather :)

  3. That applesauce hair is the bomb!

  4. awesome pics. cute baby. pretty flowers.

  5. That JK is a looker! :o) All your photos are so good.

    I'm SERIOUSLY behind on my blogs...

  6. The lat pse looks like she may be a budding model. She is beautiful, but you already know that.


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