Sunday, 22 April 2012

Tagged again!

We're due back from our Mexican holiday today!  I thought I'd repost this little meme since it has pictures from our first trip to Mexico for our honeymoon.  Originally posted June 19, 2008.  Enjoy!


I've been tagged again! This time by Jill of Forever and Ever House. Jill lives in Canada like me, though on the oposite side of the country. Her home is beautiful and creative. Go check out what she did in her daughter's gorgeous pink room! So here's the meme, where I talk all about me-me.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? I was 15 and being homeschooled. We had just moved from the small city where I grew up back to the larger city where I was born. I was a loner, and felt terribly out of place at church, where I didn't feel like I fit in. See this post to find out what happened next!

2. Five Things on my To-Do List Today.
  • clean out the cabinet under the kitchen sink (done!)
  • post on this blog...and come up with a prettier word than "blog", trademark it, and sit back becoming rich collecting royalties every time someone uses my new pretty word.
  • install cabinet latches (I did two of them already, and probably won't get around to the other 4 in the kitchen until KD takes a look at the latches and approves them. He said he didn't like them when I bought them, but the only alternatives were the things that latch around the cabinet handles, which doesn't work in our kitchen, or the really expensive magnet system.)
  • write a birthday letter to my niece who is turning 10 in a couple of weeks, and package up her gift.
  • mail said gift.
  • make supper for KD.
  • is that 5 things yet?
3. What are my favourite snacks? Tim Horton's Iced Cappuccino. Other than that, sugar in general, chocolate in particular. And fruit. I tend to snack when I'm bored or procrastinating, so I snack on whatever is available.

4. Places I have lived. I have only ever lived in two cities, and I'd rather not post the names if you don't mind. Instead, I'll tell you all the places I've traveled!
  • Australia for 2 months to visit my aunt and her family (with an overnight stopover in LA just in time to experience the Northridge earthquake in January 1994)
  • Hungry Horse, Montana for summer camp
  • Knoxville for a homeschool conference
  • Cabo San Lucas Mexico for our honeymoon, where we went on a quad tour through tht desert, and I discovered that I love dry heat (not a fan of humid heat)
  • Various places in the Ottawa area of Ontario (including a day trip to New York State to see Boldt Castle)
  • Chicago because KD is a fan of the Blackhawks.
  • England on a church mission trip when I was 17
  • Vancouver to visit my sister when she lived there.
  • hmm...I think that's it.
5. Five Things I would do if I was a billionaire.
  • Build a house to satisfy my desire for the character and beauty and quality of old houses, as well as KD's desire for the cleanliness and creaklessness of new houses.
  • Invest for the future.
  • Take care of our families.
  • Travel.
  • Go antique shopping!

So there it is! I know some people don't like to do these things, so I'm not going to tag anyone specifically this time. But if you want to do it, consider yourself tagged! (Since I mentioned our honeymoon, I thought I'd include pictures from that trip.)


  1. 1. that's a good picture of KD
    2. I read it wrong, and thought you said "mail sad package" lol
    2. I can't count today
    3. That was some night in LA!
    4. I'm going antique shopping with you!!!!!

  2. I love this! Good pictures too! What a cool thing to do on a honeymoon! Actually, that would be a cool thing to do anytime!
    I love getting to know you more!
    Have a great weekend!
    -Heather :)

  3. Great pictures, Jo - hope you're having a marvelous trip equal to the photos of your honeymoon.

    1. Thanks, Heather! It was a pretty marvellous trip! I loved every minute of it, even the few downpours of tropical rain we got.

  4. Those are cute pictures! I want more pictures of your trip back to Mexico. :)


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