Friday, 4 July 2008

American History

In reading everyone's posts for July 4, I got to thinking. Even though I am Canadian, I really love American History. I was homeschooled from grade 2-10, using American curriculum, so I studied much more American history than the kids in public school. Americans have always had so much passion for their cause and country. In my experience, many Canadians seem to be indifferent about our history and heritage. We never had to fight to the death for civil wars or revolutions. I'm not sure we value our freedom as much as our southern neighbours. So to all my American readers, have a great holiday celebrating your country's glorious past! The picture is of my mom (second from the left), her 6 siblings, and her parents.


  1. I LOVE how all of the kids are stairstepped in size. What a great picture!

  2. I love these pictures you are using. lol Happy 4th of July! It's the 4th of July wherever you's just not Independence Day for you right? ha ha ha


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