Thursday, 10 July 2008

Hey, I figured it out!

People, we have pictures! I finally figured out how to upload pictures from the borrowed camera! I just needed to turn the switch to the mode for viewing pictures. Of course it was something simple like that that I could have learned by reading the manual. Some helpful field-trippers recommended that I search the internet for the camera driver. It was in my searching that I discovered that the camera doesn't need a driver with Windows XP. So then I decided to try pluging the camera in again to see what I could do. The only reason I thought to turn the switch is because I figured the lens didn't need to be sticking out while I fumbled around. So I switched the mode, and voila! Anyway, lets all just forget my stupidity and enjoy the pictures, shall we? This is my jungle. The tiny grassy plant in the middle used to be the dominant feature of this pot. The monstrouous plants on either side are some nicotania that I grew from seed in egg shells. I had no idea what the plant would look like. It's supposed to smell heavenly when it flowers. This is actually the very first thing that I have grown successfully from seed. At least it will be successful once it flowers. It kind of looks like a weed right now. I got the seeds in a swap, so maybe someone was being mean and sent me weed seeds instead. This is my beloved rose bush. I have another rose bush now, but this one is my favourite. It's an Apothecary Rose, which was apparently a variety used for medicine and tea in the middle ages. I love the middle ages, so when I saw this rose at Walmart, I had to buy it. I told KD it was a birthday gift from him. I've had it for 3 years now, and it smells wonderful. This is the cute little creamer jug I painted at A's stagette. It turned out nicely, think. The inside is all black. I am amazed that I only missed one tiny spot with the glaze. This is one of 4 gifts that I wrapped for a wedding shower that I'm going to on Sunday. I had to wrap the ones from KD's mom and Nanny as well, since they are not going to be at the shower, but wanted to send something anyway. All the gifts coordinate. I like to do that. You can see the new laminate under it. We still only have the entry done, but KD will be working on it tonight. House news: Our realtor told us that we probably will get 20,000 less than we were expecting for our townhouse. KD is not happy with that. He doesn't want to use a realtor to sell and give up another 10,000 in commission. So we're going to work more on fixing up and selling this place before we start earnestly looking for our new home.


  1. Oh good! you figured it out! lol forget my other comment then. hehe

    Your plant does look a bit like weeds. The rose is very beautiful. :D

  2. Nice pictures! I'm here from Carrie's field trip.

  3. You sure can wrap a present!! It's so pretty!

    Bummer on the news from the realtor! That's a LOT of money.

    I'm glad you are back in business with the pictures. I don't know what I'd do without my camera! lol

  4. We sold a huge house on our own and saved $16,000 in commission. Give it a whirl.

    And I really think we have the same laminate.

  5. Christmas, my house, be there with wrapping paper. ;) Beautiful.

  6. These packages are gorgeous! You have inspired me to do more with my wrapping paper girl!!
    I love the black and white with the yellow! You are amazing!!
    -Heather :)


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