Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Is it Wednesday already?

Wednesday has sneaked up on me this week! Yesterday I spent the day trying to cross as many things off of my list as possible. I managed to take a bag of clothes to Goodwill, go grocery shopping, scrub out the fridge and freezer, paint my ugly spot, touch up the rest of the paint in the kitchen, finish the last coat of paint on the stair trim, sweep the floor, and wash the dishes. All this while trying to keep a clingy-cranky baby happy all day. Don't my stairs look nice? I love the look of glossy white trim. It makes everything else look so fresh. Much better than the chipped pinkish-beige that was there before. I still need to touch up the wall paint where the white leaked under the tape (Why does that always happen? No matter how much I press the tape down). I'd show the whole stairwell, but I haven't yet finished removing the tape. One thing that didn't get started yesterday was installing the baseboards. They are still sitting in a tidy pile waiting for KD's help. I probably don't really need his help, but the mitre saw (which I have just recently discovered is also called a chop saw) intimidates me. My dad cut off part of his thumb with one. I really want to post some better pictures of my lovely living room, but since it currently is a mess with all the stuff from the hall and kitchen all over, not to mention the baby's toys and other stuff that I need to find a place for, I'll have to wait until the baseboards are installed to show off my place of refuge. This is what it looks like now. It's messier than Rue's basement! This post was going to be longer, but I decided to make it into two posts. That will make up for missing yesterday anyway. It's amazing how easily I get sidetracked! Next post coming right up!


  1. Wow! You are BUSY! Your stairs DO look nice. I wish could keep my white trim looking white. I have kids that like to run their dirty hands up and down it. Every time I wash it I swear I rub a layer of paint off. lol It needs a paintjob badly.

  2. Oh good gracious sweetie! I need you at my house helping me!! How in the world did you get all of that done!?! I think that cold medicine has turned you into the Energizer Bunny!! Boom boom boom....still goin'!
    I love the stair molding. Looks great! And that is not a fun job! I NEVER tape when I paint- it always leaves such a mess and I get so frustrated so I don't use it anymore.........just an angled brush and a steady hand!! Well, sometimes!!
    I don't blame you for not using that saw- that is one tool I STAY AWAY from! One of my girl friends cut the tip of her thumb off using one (and she had been using them for years) That was enough for me! If it can't be cut with a jig saw I make my husband do it!!
    -Heather :)


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