Friday, 18 July 2008

JK and the floor

I am feeling much better today, though my head feels like it weighs three times as much as it should. JK is 100%, and getting in to everything. Yesterday and today, while I was showering, she lifted up the shower curtain, letting water cascade onto the floor. She insisted on being able to see me. And she's fascinated with the shower. But I love her in spite of the messes. We saw five houses yesterday, and two were very nice! But we have decided to concentrate on selling ours first before we find a new house. So for the next two weeks, we will be fixing the bathroom, installing baseboards, and painting, and possibly storing some things at the in-law's house. I'm excited to do the fluffing and staging. We're going to try to sell our house through Comfree instead of a realtor, because $10,000 is a lot of money, even in Canada! Our realtor is skeptical of course, but he wishes us well. And I have nothing to post about today, since I'm still feeling blah. So here is JK modelling the new flooring. I feel so rich having a pretty floor for the first time in my life! With this borrowed camera, it's difficult to get JK's normal facial expressions. It has a bright orange light before the flash that makes her scrunch up her face.


  1. Glad you are feeling better. The floor looks great.

    The 10k is worth every penny. Hate to tell ya. ;)

  2. I swear that is our floor! Is it faux hickory?

    And try to do it on your own, we sold our previous house on our own, very quickly, without a broker. You'll be fine ;)

  3. I love the floor! ANd she is so cute!


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