Monday, 7 July 2008

Living Room Reveal...

...Will have to wait until after I get pictures developed. Boo hoo. Until then, here are some pictures we took in October 2007. Our first family pictures. JK couldn't sit yet, being only 3 months old, so we propped her against a little tree.
This house is the best of the ones we looked at yesterday. I love the cute cottage look of it, even though the front door does not face the street and is currently hidden behind a monstrous evergreen (to the right of the RV). The house was built in 1958, and has original hardwood floors in the living room and main bedroom. Our realtor thinks that the laminate in the hallway and other bedrooms was put down to cover damaged hardwood...since he said that I'm now dying to know what is really under the laminate. The living room has a massive stone fireplace. It has potential, but the stones are all different colours right now, and it looks rather psychedelic. The kitchen is also really weird. It's a galley kitchen with strange cupboards and an odd brick-veneer backsplash. If I had my way, I'd gut the kitchen and put it where the dining area is, then install patio doors to the backyard. Speaking of the backyard, it needs some tidying, but it is gorgeous. Lots of trees, a little garden area, playhouse/shed, and hiding behind some trees at the back, even a greenhouse! And it's really close to the buses for KD to get to work. I just can't remember whether it has a dishwasher. If it doesn't, there's really no place to put one, and I need a dishwasher. We're going to see a few more tonight, and then the realtor is coming to our house to look at it and see what we could get for it. Tuesday night, KD's brother is coming over to help him lay the laminate. I'm so happy that we're finally getting rid of the 1978 blue and tan lino. My sister will be pleased about that! Today will be spent running around like crazy running errands and stuff. And trying to recover from 2 weeks of painting and a birthday party. I might tell you about JK's cake one day. I'm still too disappointed about it. The party went really well. My living room has never seemed so small!


  1. Oh how fun, a new house in the works. Show pics, lots & lots of pics. ;)

  2. You should get a cell phone that has a camera. :D Mine has one! hehe (sorry, had to brag about my new toy! ;)

  3. I can't wait to see how the laminate turned out.:o)

    How'd the house hunting go last night? Did you find one you love? Did you list yours? Questions, questions!

  4. David just put laminate in our dining room and it went so fast and it is remarkable how real it looks. Neither of us wanted laminate but the way the cat puke flies in this house it was better to get something that offered easy flexibility.

    Only an amazing husband like mine would consider cat puke when selecting flooring.


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