Tuesday, 8 July 2008

My Beloved Piano

Sometime in the 1960s, my grandparents bought a used piano from a travelling peddler. A Palmer upright grand piano. My mom and her siblings all used it, and then it was passed to my mom when I was growing up. Being the destructive children that we were, my siblings and I artfully added to the gashes and dents. Just before my mom filed for bankruptcy she had me write up a bill of sale and the piano was officially mine, even though I thought I had no room for it. After it was loaned to a homeschool group for about a year, I finally got my piano. I don't know for sure how old it is, but according to the back it was made in Canada sometime after 1893. I would guess 1910s to 1930s. Although my piano is huge, takes up half the living room, and doesn't look its best any more, I still love it. When it's tuned it has great sound. I wish I had the money to restore it.
I should be able to take in my film today. There are 4 pictures left after JK's birthday, so I'll try to get some good shots of the living room. Be forewarned: I am not a good photographer! We only saw one house last night. I loved the house. It was perfect upstairs, and downstairs just needs some drywall, plaster, and paint. The yard is nothing to swoon over, but it is big enough. If I could have this house (hereafter known as the Mission house) with the yard and location of the Cottonwood house, I'd put an offer on it today.


  1. Hi Jo :)

    I love that piano. I don't think it looks too bad at all and all those dents are memories anyway ;)

    Happy Birthday to Juliana!

    Keep looking... you'll find a great home soon :)


  2. I love that you have that piano! What a story behind it!!

    Did your realtor tell you anything about your house? Did you list it?

  3. I don't think that piano holds tune anymore...Last time I tried it, it had a few cracked parts internally, a couple keys didn't hit any strings, and a couple keys hit too many strings. I'd say that piano is a good 100 years old.

  4. My nineteen year old has been playing piano for fifteen years, so my kids have grown up with pianos. Our first one was from 1901, or second was a player piano from 1910 and we recently sold that one because David's mother's piano just became available to us and we wanted to have family history back in the family. There should be a serial number somewhere inside the piano that can give you a closer approximation of the date. Check on line for Palmer searches and you'll be surprised what you will all find out. Almost every city had a piano building factory because they didn't ship pianos anywhere except on trains and that was for the wealthy, it is a fascinating history!

  5. Came over with Candid Carrie for her field trip and I have to say I LOVE your piano! It's gorgeous. I also love that it was purchased from a traveling peddler.I just love the quaint sound of that phrase.


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