Monday, 14 July 2008

Weddings and Babies and an Award

I survived the wedding, despite being sick. I was ok until we had been at the air-conditioned hotel for about an hour. Then I started to think I needed to do something to help me breathe. I made it through the rest of the reception with the help of Halls and some really bad coffee. The next day (yesterday) I bought some Advil Cold & Sinus as was recommended by 3 different people at the wedding. All day Sunday I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I was miserable, and I didn't want to go to the wedding shower (the one that the black-white-and-yellow-wrapped gifts were for). KD insisted I go, so on the way I took some of that Advil. That was 4:00. I started feeling better within half an hour, and managed to enjoy the party! I just stayed away from the other babies there so I didn't make them sick. I'm normally not one to take pills for anything other than a headache, so I had never tried any cold medicine before. I'm amazed at how well it works! Today I feel much better. This is a picture from the video that KD took at the ceremony. He said "You're not supposed to look at the camera!" But I wasn't. I was looking at my sweet handsome husband! This is what we gave the bride and groom. Inside the bag that is wrapped around the bottle is 2 packets of microwave popcorn and a blockbuster gift card. It goes with this gift, which is a DVD player. Now they can have a romantic movie night when they get back from their honeymoon. They actually haven't opened the gifts yet (the first one is still sitting on our counter) because the gift opening is tonight, but I'm pretty sure they don't read this site. I think they probably have better things to do as a newly married couple. And if they are reading it, oh well. A hint for gift wrapping: If your ribbon isn't long enough to wrap around both ways in the traditional style, it just might fit wrapping around the corners! That was my problem with this red ribbon. I'm lucky it fit perfectly this way.
On Saturday morning, the same day as the wedding, KD's brother's wife had a baby! JK has a new baby-girl-cousin! She doesn't have any boy-cousins yet. Of course KD and his other brother had to rudely point out to the new daddy that his daughter's initials are LSD. So that's what they the two of them call her, instead of her name. I think the new mom and dad should just ignore them and enjoy the beautiful name they have chosen. It's not like the kid will go around telling people her middle name all her life anyway. I'm so sad that I can't go visit the new baby because I am sick. So I'm passing the time by making her a teddy bear. Which I will be sure to show off when it's done. It's taking longer than the first one because I'm embroidering her name on it with ribbon.
I had a sweet surpise this morning from Heather at Hopscotch and Hydrangeas. She has given me an award! It's the Brilliante Weblog award. She thinks I'm brilliant for some reason! Well, I think she's brilliant too. You should go see the room she has just redone as her office/craft/sewing room. It's so gorgeous and peaceful. I love it. So here are the rules for the award:
  1. Display logo and the link of who gave it.
  2. Nominate at least 7 blogs.
  3. Add links to those 7 blogs.
  4. Leave the nominees a message that they received the award.
I nominate: All these women are brilliant in different ways, and I love reading their blogs. There are many many more brilliant blogs that I read, so this is just a small sampling of some of my favourites. I encourage you to go check them out!


  1. Sorry you are sick. =(

    You clean up GOOD girl! Hot babe.

  2. Awwww...thank you SO much!! I'm so flattered.

    You looked so beautiful in your dress!!

  3. Aww shucks! How nice is that?!!? Thanks for making my day!

  4. Hi!! Thanks for the award!! You are too sweet. :) Sorry you felt bad at the wedding. Cute wrapping!!


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