Thursday, 31 July 2008

What Would You Save?

Sweet Rue has asked a question: "What would you be devastated to lose if you could only save your family and furry babies?" This got me thinking. I guess there is an advantage to not being able to buy the lovely things I want! Rue has so many treasures she would want to save, but I think that the only things I would run for besides pictures (8 boxes from my childhood, and our wedding pictures), would be my old books. Not all the books on this shelf are old, but they are my favourite books. When I need something cozy and sweet to read, I look here. Um, maybe the Chicago Manual of Style doesn't quite belong. Some of my old books belonged to my parents, and some belonged to KD's great grandmother. His family knows I like old books so they gave them to me last time we were in Ontario. I just love the worn old covers, the musty old-book smell, the thick yellowed pages... My oldest book is a textbook about Tennyson published in 1906. Some of the pages are still folded, because the edge didn't get trimmed properly, and I found an old envelope and a receipt inside. This book of Poems by Whittier is just beautiful. It was given to my mom by her friends sometime before she got married. I don't know how old it is because they cut out the copyright page. But it's lovely. Don't forget to enter the giveaway! Edited: Because I forgot to say that some of my books are from a used book store or a thrift store. The 1934 Canterbury tales translation was ordered from Chapters' Used and Rare books website.


  1. What a wonderful collection of books!! I have quite a few... but they are packed in boxes or in various stacks all over the place. Some were given to me by my inlaws, some were thrift store finds. I love books!

  2. Good morning sweet Jo :)

    Thank you for playing along! I think I freaked a few people out with that question LOL

    I would be so very sad if I lost my books too. I love that one that was given to your mother!


  3. You know I just love my old books, too. I love the way the old pages feel when you run your hand over the top, it doesn't feel like todays books do at all.

    And sometimes the front pages of the really old ones are sliced out with a razor blade. There is a good chance that you family's old book was "re-gifted" because my grandparents talked about that quite frequntly.

    If there was no money to purchase a wedding gift, guests sacrificed one of their own wedding gifts for the newlyweds. And there was no shame in that either. Cool, huh?

  4. I love old books too! For all of the same reasons.
    That would definitely be something I would want to save.
    I love the one from your mother- beautiful. And Tennyson?!?! You lucky, lucky girl!!
    -Heather :)


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