Saturday, 16 August 2008

222 pictures, and counting

(picture from the top of Knox Mountain overlooking Kelowna and Lake Okanagan.) We're home! Finally! Whew. The last two weeks have been exhausting. It's all the driving, as well as the heat, I think, that makes us glad we came home a few days before we have to get back into real life on Monday. I just put all the pictures from our camera onto the computer, and the total is 222. But, that is not all the pictures we took! There are about 50 on the borrowed camera. So we took a lot of pictures. If we had been using a film camera, I doubt we would have taken even 1 full roll. I am going to have so much fun editing the pictures and posting about our trip. I have many posts in mind to share with you, but it may take me a little while to get organised. Today we're going to our third wedding in three weeks. At least neither of us are participating in this one. It may be strange to go to a wedding as just a guest! This is a picture of some weeds/wildflowers on the side of the highway somewhere between Kelowna and Nelson.
There are two more days to enter the giveaway. I may not do the draw until Tuesday morning, so keep entering!


  1. If the 222 pictures are as good as the 2 your have in this post, I've got things to look forward to! Welcome back!

  2. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my mistreatment post today. You have a beautiful baby girl there.


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