Wednesday, 27 August 2008

No Longer a Spray Paint Virgin

I have a new love, and his name is Spray Paint. I finally got the courage to spray paint a few things, and I love how they turned out! I found these two metal things at Goodwill. Neither of them looked particularly stylish, but I had plans for them. The round one was $3.99 and the other one was $1.99. One can of spray primer and one can of white spray paint later: I had actually been wanting some sort of flat basket-thing to keep fruit in, and this seems perfect. It will help beautify the ugly corner of my kitchen:The other container will go in the newly-renovated bathroom. Here are some of the other things I spraypainted (because of course those two small things wouldn't use a whole can of paint: No, I did not spend $40.00 for a shelf. I wouldn't! I saw this shelf a few weeks ago in clearance at Rona for 50% off, and even $20 was too much for me. I bought it for $10.09, including tax. Patience has its reward, I guess! I have quite a long list of things left to do to get our house looking back to normal again. Today is tile day.Isn't my printing awful?


  1. Oh how I love before and after pictures! You are quite talented with than can of spray paint, girl!!

  2. Love those baskets! Yay for spraypaint! I went on a mission yesterday to the thrift store looking for something to paint but didn't have any luck. But I'll keep looking 'cause it's too much fun!

  3. Not particularly stylish?? Are you kidding? That basket you put the towels (?) in is so perfect. I have been looking for something just like that for my Ball jars. And the other? SO PRETTY!!! You did a great job.


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