Monday, 25 August 2008

Renovation Archeology

This weekend, we needed to work on the baseboards, so that we can return the borrowed tools to KD's brother. Well, of course we couldn't install the baseboards in the half-bath until we put in the new vinyl flooring. And we couldn't put in the flooring until we removed the toilet. KD wanted to replace the sink and faucet this weekend too. To make a long story short, we ended up ripping out not only the toilet and sink, but also the entire cabinet. KD suddenly decided that we needed to install a pedestal sink instead of just replacing the kind we had. Of course I have been telling him for the past 2.5 years that I wanted to put a pedestal sink in that bathroom, but that had nothing to do with his decision...of course. With no shutoff valve for that sink, we had to turn off the main water supply. All Day on Saturday. We went through a lot of baby wipes trying to stay relatively clean. We finally finished installing the sink at 11:00 PM on Saturday, and turned the water back on. It's amazing the difference it makes not having an ugly cabinet in that room. When we pulled off the ugly plastic baseboards, we discovered that some previous owner had decidedly questionable taste! As if the ugly blue/tan linoleum weren't enough, two walls were painted a dingy blue-grey, and the other two walls were wallpapered in this: It is textured metallic silver with two shades of strange blue tree-like things patterend all over it. And I thought the poorly-done faux parchment with stencilled ivy was bad! Whoever decorated this room definitely did not believe in "less is more". Anyway, we still have lots of work to do in this bathroom, and then I will show how it turned out.


  1. Renovating is always such an adventure! You just never know what you'll find. At least that wallpaper wasn't all over the walls anymore. Can't wait to see your pedestal sink!

  2. House renovations never seem to end.... I am right there with you.

    Unfortunatley.... I dont think that the 8 foot table is going to come home to me... its just too big. I still really want it and am still thinking about it... but may have to face reality soon... 8 feet is just too big. sniffle.

  3. Well. That is some interesting wallpaper, isn't it?? lol I can't wait to see the whole bathroom finished!!

  4. That wall paper is scary!!

    For future reference, there are special valves you can buy at the hardware store and put onto your pipes so that you can turn the water off without shutting down the water to the whole house. You don't have to sauter (I think I spelled that wrong!) or anything. My husband swears by them and I like not having all the water shut off when he is working on a project!

    ~ Sarah


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