Sunday, 10 August 2008

Wedding Anniversary

Today, August 10, is my sixth anniversary. This year we're spending it on vacation in BC. KD and I were very young when we married. He was 21, and I was 19. Of course being young and almost broke, we wanted to spend as little as possible to have a nice wedding. Things were simple. The food was provided by KD's family. My mom made 2 of the bridesmaid dresses as well as the flowergirl dress and the cake. My grandparents provided flower arrangements for the ceremony, and my uncle did the sound. Guests have commented since then how nice our small simple wedding was. We were married on what would have been my parents' 23rd anniversary. They were married on my dad's parents' 23rd anniversary. Total coincidence, I swear. It was the only available Saturday in August. Here are the men, waiting for the ceremony to start: And the women: My Papa walked me down the aisle: Here's the part where KD is tearing up. My sweet flowergirl, my niece. Here flowers were really heavy, and at least twice the size I ordered. I think the florist needed to review the meaning of the word "diameter" as opposed to "radius". The ringbearer, KD's brother who was barely 3 at the time, and really too young for the job. After the ceremony. KD was rather excited to be married, I think. Instead of confetti, KD's mom decorated little bottles of bubbles as a surprise for us when we left the church. They looked really neat in the pictures. Our posed pictures were taken in a playground just outside the community centre where the reception was. It's the same place that my aunt and uncle's reception was. Here is our gorgeously delicious raspberry cheesecake wedding cake. People still mention it. This is my brother and me standing next to an orchid that was a memorial for my dad. He died almost 10 years before my wedding.Maybe someday I'll tell the story, though it's rather morbid and depressing. Today is about love and hope. I am more in love with KD today, and I think we've silenced the doubts that family had over us marrying so young. We've survived, we've started a family, and I couldn't be happier. KD darlin', thanks for everything. You are my anchor. I love you. PS: for pictures of our mexican honeymoon, see this post.


  1. WOW you guys were (and are still) so young and beautiful.

    Gorgeous photos!

  2. WHAAAA!! You forgot to include the kleenex with the post! I love you sis! You really are a beautiful bride/wife/mother!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I love simple weddings. Some of the best ones that I have been to were a backyard, with simple dresses, flowers from the market that morning and so on.

    Now, I am intrigued....most people don't get married so young. Some day, I'd love to hear to hear your story!

  4. Happy anniversary!! You WERE young...but good for you! :o)You look so pretty in the wedding pictures!

  5. You know, I think this is the first time I have seen your wedding pictures! And I sure enjoyed seeing the ones you posted.6 years already? Wow! where does the time fly? =) Blessings to you and K. and I pray the next 6 years will be just as sweet. Luvs you!

    p.s. I'd like to know how G's wedding went =)

  6. Happy anniversary! :D We had a lot of doubters when we got married, too. Marriage is what you make it--and you've made it beautiful.


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