Wednesday, 24 September 2008

20 Favourite Things About Fall

Melissa at The Inspired Room is having a Fall-themed 20 Little Things that Inspire Party. I always love the changing seasons, so here is what I love about Fall:
  1. Rain
  2. Crisp air
  3. Dressing in Layers
  4. Falling Leaves
  5. Lighting my favourite beeswax candles
  6. Baking cookies and pies
  7. Curling up by the window watching the birds
  8. Thanksgiving (which happens in October here in Canada...if we waited 'til November, we would have snow already)
  9. First fire in the fireplace
  10. Thinking about Christmas shopping
  11. Making my house cozy
  12. Carving pumpkins
  13. Piling lots of blankets on the bed
  14. Windy days
  15. The sound of leaves crackling under my feet
  16. Hot soup with fresh bread
  17. Getting together with family, after a summer of everyone going away.
  18. Did I mention rain? I love rain.
  19. Not feeling guilty about my poor, neglected garden any more, since it's covered in leaves.
  20. All the gorgeous fall nesting ideas that I'm discovering from various blogs.


  1. What a great list! I didn't even think to put Christmas shopping in my list! I love Christmas shopping and try to get lots of it done in the fall! Which reminds me, I better get started soon!

  2. I really liked your fall list. I don't think I have ever lit a beeswax candle before...
    And Christmas is coming faster than we think...
    But the one that brought a smile was not feeling guilty about my neglected garden anymore:)

  3. I love the rein and windy days too!

    Happy Fall!

  4. I love the stormy days, but then by spring I cannot wait to see the sun again! Nothing like the rain in the fall though. So cozy...

    Thanks for all your great fall inspiration!




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