Monday, 29 September 2008

Busy Weekend

(Picture of KD and his mom in 1981. He was a cuddly child, or so I've heard.) Well, we've had a busy weekend! On Friday, I went to pick up KD's mom because everyone else was at work and she was alone at my brother-in-law's house. That afternoon all the ladies went to the spa for pedicures. It was so nice to relax. I didn't like any of the non-pink-and-summery nail polish colours, so I decided to go with black. It has taken some getting used to, but I actually like it! My sisters have both frequently worn black nail polish, but I was always the goody-two-shoes and never tried it. Dinner that night was at KD's younger brother's house, and we spent the evening visiting and trying to keep his dogs (particularly the puppy) from playing too aggressively with JK. She loves puppies. On Saturday morning we went to look at the second house I posted about. More about that later. Then we went to KD's older brother's house for dinner, where we played Wii, and the boys needed three tries to beat the girls at some brainy game (but when they did beat us, the score was 35 to 13). Sunday we had breakfast at YB's house (that's "younger brother"), then KD's mom and I left JK with KD and went shopping. And then another family dinner, this time at KD's grandma's house...except it wasn't his mom's mother, it was his dad's mother. Kind of awkward, since they're divorced, but the two women still get along very well, and KD's grandma was worried she would never see her first daughter-in-law again. I forgot to pull out my camera all weekend (bad blogger!), so I won' t have any pictures unless KD's mom sends some.
OK, back to that house we looked at. It's a duplex in the neighbourhood that KD really likes. With the lake that he can go kayaking on. It's a corner lot. When we drove by on Tuesday, I was concerned that the side fence would have to be built flush with the side of the house, so I made a note to ask about that. We didn't like the house we looked at on Tuesday (there was no place for my piano!), so we hoped this one would be really nice. It was. From the tiny front porch, to the big kitchen, to the wall colour, to the layout, I loved it. It was so nice that I'm even willing to give up my beloved wood-burning fireplace for a gas fireplace, and overlook the fact that the basement isn't finished, and move to a neighbourhood with only puny trees. The fence can be built almost right next to the sidewalk, so we'd have a huge yard, bigger than we'd have with a detatched house. KD loves the fact that there is a double garage. I love the many windows, and the fact that the bottom sill isn't level with my neck. There are a lot of upgrades, such as flooring, extra windows, and better insulation. But enough rambling on about this house. We're planning to put in an offer. We have a realtor coming to look at our current house (a different one from last time). We've talked to the bank. I just hope our house sells quickly. The realtor was quite optomistic about it when I talked to him on the phone. So since he's probably coming this afternoon, I need to get off the computer and go tidy the house!


  1. HOW EXCITING ABOUT THE HOUSE! Good luck with evrything. I sure hope yours sells fast and it all goes smoothly. I'm excited for you!

    Sounds like you had a very busy weekend! Pedicures? Sounds heavenly!

  2. So did you put an offer on the house?!?!?!?! I love the feeling of buying a house! So exciting!!

  3. Yay! Looking forward to a house you're excited about will make selling yours so much easier! Well, maybe not easier, but at least you'll have a good goal at the end. It's very pretty, and sounds great from your description. Good luck!

    Black nail polish is my new favorite color to wear on my toes!


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