Thursday, 18 September 2008


Oh, hi! I guess I didn't post yesterday. Sorry about that. My creativity has been running at low levels lately, and I couldn't think of anything at all to post. But today I had a baby shower gift to wrap for baby L. I did not make the two felt flowers, though they would definitely be easy to make. They are hair-elastics that I bought for about 50 cents last summer. Even though this gift didn't need a tag (since baby L will be the only one getting presents at the shower), I wanted to personalise it a little. I had some pale pink microfleece, and I just sewed 4 layers into the shape of an "L" Then I thought that the letter was cute, and JK decided she liked it and crawled away with it several times. So I made some for her name. I'll probably just throw them in the toy box for her to play with, but these things have so much potential. They could be hung on the wall, embellished with ribbons and buttons, etc. Or I could make a whole alphabet in different colours. So now that my creative juices are flowing again, I'm trying to do something interesting with one of KD's dress shirts that he doesn't like anymore. He was going to give it away, but I liked the fabric so I put it with my stash. If it turns out, I'll show it eventually.


  1. That package is beautiful! I love the simple color scheme. Great idea to use the hair ties! Those letters came out great! I've just got to get out my sewing machine!

  2. VERY cute idea!! I love the wrapping on the gift and using the soft letters?? SO pretty!


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